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Special Educational Needs and Disability

Everyone at The Oaktree School believes that every child is special and that all needs should be met.  To this end we track all children's accomplishments carefully and provide appropriate intervention to ensure that all of our children continue to achieve their next steps.  Below you will find information about our SEND provision.  


Due to the national SEND reforms we have in place a plan to ensure that we comply with all new guidance and regulations. 

              The basis of the new reforms is that ‘Everyone in teaching shares the same vision for children with SEND – it is the same vision that we have for all children  - that they achieve well in their early years, at school and college, find employment; lead happy and fulfilled lives; and have choice and control.  But the current system is not working for all families and children.’ 

              This is a view that we agree with and the good practice set out in the SEND reforms reflect the way SEND practice has been at the school. We hope the reforms will help us to more easily gather all services to plan and support our children.

              We have rewritten our SEND Policy in conjunction with the Hermitage School to comply with the new processes.  We have consulted with governors, parents at the Parent Group and our class Link Parents. 

               Please find our policy below.  


The SEND reforms aim to join up services to ensure children and young people get the help they need at the right time and that they and their families are involved in decisions about their support.  The Code of Practice sets some clear expectations for schools to deliver a whole school approach to SEND with good quality teaching as a first response (our approach is set out in the Wave 1 document above), a clearer focus on outcomes and the involvement of parents and children in decisions over support.  Building on best practice, the reforms give schools the freedom to develop what works for them in partnership with their local authority, and crucially in partnership with parents and young people. The reforms build on the best practice over the past 13 years since the last Code of Practice was written. The Code has been written in close partnership with schools, local authorities and the wider sector representing disabled children and their families.  

Please click on the link below to take your to our Special Needs room.  We are trying to add information for parents to this room on a regular basis.