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Miss Harrison (Inclusion Leader and SENCo) and the Special Needs Team provide support and guidance to children and staff to ensure that all children are happy and making progress in all areas of learning. 


For the majority of time if a child needs extra support this will be given within the classroom setting but sometimes children need more specific support and this will take place in Badger Room. 


Badger Room offers a quiet and calm space for group work and 1:1 activities to take place.


We provide these interventions and small group activities to support and nurture our children with additional or specific needs. As well as children who require extra support to make progress with their learning.


These interventions and activities included:

- extra teaching of reading, writing, phonics and maths

- social and emotional interventions

- speaking and listening interventions

- attention and listening interventions

- relaxation and sensory activities

- Sensory Circuit intervention

- Attention Autism Intervention

- ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support (takes place in Butterfly Room)


As well as these exciting games, activities and interventions we use Badger Room for our Lunch Club. Lunch Club offers a safe, quiet environment for children with additional or specific eating or social needs to eat their lunch and learn how the life skills around food and eating. It also provides a smaller area for play and group games to develop social interaction and friendship building.


Badger Room is often also used to hold agency meetings when liaising with a range of external services and experts whom we work closely with to support our pupils.

Below are some links you may find useful to support you and your child at home.