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Spelling Challenge


We would like to introduce you to our Spelling Street Challenge. Due to the success of the Maths to the Moon Challenge we have decided to introduce a similar challenge to support children in learning to spell the Common Exception Words. (Those tricky words that are sometimes hard to sound out.)

Your child’s spelling challenge can be found at the back of their Home Learning Challenge Book. The children have been tested and have been told which house to begin on. This will be highlighted on their spelling challenge .

Your child will need to work their way through the numbered houses until they become fluent in the spelling of these common exception words. This means they will be able to spell them verbally and in the written form.

When your child thinks that they know how to spell all the words on the house they are working on they will need to let their teacher know so that they can be checked. When they have been checked at school, the teacher will sign and date the front door of the house they are working on. For each house they complete they will win an “I can…” house to stick inside their English book.