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Extended services and Venue Hire

Extended Services


The Concept

Extended Services in and around schools – what is it?

It is a key way of delivering the aims of the Every Child Matters scheme. An extended school works with the local authority, local providers and other schools to provide access to a core offer of integrated services:

A varied range of activities including study support, sport and music clubs, combined with childcare in primary schools;

Parenting and family support;

Swift and easy access to targeted and specialist services;

Community access to facilities including adult and family learning, ICT and sports grounds.

These will often be provided beyond the school day, but not necessarily by teachers, or on the school site.


What Are the Benefits?

There is evidence that extended services can help to:

Improve pupil attainment, self-confidence, motivation and attendance;

Reduce exclusion rates;

Better enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning;

Enhance children's and families access to services


How is this being delivered in Woking?

In Woking, as in other parts of Surrey, schools are coming together to work to deliver the above. In Woking the umbrella organisation is the Woking Schools Learning Partnership.

The rest of this webpage details what facilities are available at the Oaktree school site, while the Confederation website (at www.wokingschoolslearning highlights all the other services available in the Woking borough.

The Acorn Centre


Are you looking for a new meeting place?

The Acorn Centre offers:

  • large conference area;
  • meeting rooms with interactive whiteboards;
  • interactive ICT suite, scanner, fax and digital cameras;
  • good disabled access;
  • catering;
  • free parking; and
  • very competitive rates.



Tel: (01483) 474981
Fax: (01483) 797953


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