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GOVERNORS 2018 - 2019






Register of Interests

Term of Office

Chair of

Governors and member

Mrs Kerry Hutchins

(Parent Governor) 

SWAN Governor

Attainment and Progress Working Group

Monitoring: SEND and LAC

Has a child in the school

Governor and member

app: 19.03.15

end: 22.05.19

Vice Chair of Governors and member

Mr Stuart Collins

(Parent Governor) 

Finance Working Group – (Aim 4)

Audit Committee

Pay Committee

Admissions Committee

Has a child in the school

Governor and member app: 31.8.17

end: 8.12.19

Governor and member

Mrs Beverley Prentice

(Community Governor)

Chair Extended Schools Committee

Attainment and Progress Working Group

Pay Committee

Subject Governor Early Years


Governor and member app: 13.03.18

end: 14.03.20

Governor and member

Mr Aidan Relf

(Community Governor)

Chairman Pay Committee

Finance Working Party (Aim 4)

Audit Committee

Monitoring: Maths (Aim 2)

Monitoring Early Years

Attainment and Progress Working Group


Governor and member app:30.11.15

end: 29.11.19

Governor and member

Mr Greg Moss

(Community Governor)

  Has a child in the school

Governor and member

app: 15.03.18

end: 15.03.21

Governor and member

Mrs Marian Araga

(Community Governor)


Governor and member

app: 07.02.19

end: 07.02.23

Governor and member

Mr Daniel Donovan

(Community Governor)


Governor and member

app: 16.05.19

end: 16.05.23

Staff Governor and member

Mrs Mary Martin

Admissions Committee

Monitoring Aim 1

TA in the school

Governor and member app: 03.09.19

end: 03.09.23


Mrs Glen Alder

All committees


Governor and member

Clerk to the Governors


Full Governors Meeting - minutes

Children and Learning Resources Committee – minutes

Resources Committee – minutes

Scope of responsibility

As governors we acknowledge we have overall responsibility for ensuring that

The Oaktree School Academy Trust has an effective and appropriate system of

control, financial and otherwise. However, such a system is designed to manage

rather than eliminate the risk of failure to achieve business objectives, and can provide

only reasonable and not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss.

The Governing Body has delegated the day-to-day responsibility to the

Headteacher, as accounting officer, for ensuring financial controls conform

with the requirements of both propriety and good financial management and in

accordance with the requirements and responsibilities assigned to it in the

funding agreement between The Oaktree School Academy Trust and the Secretary of

State for Education. They are also responsible for reporting to the Governing Body

any material weaknesses or breakdowns in internal control.


The information on governance included here supplements that described in the

Governors' Report and in the Statement of Governors' Responsibilities. The Governing

Body has formally met six times during the year.

The composition of the board of governors remains the same as previous years, with

some flex in numbers due to resignations.

An internal review of the effectiveness of the Governing Body is undertaken in the

Summer Term and a Governors’ effectiveness plan in in place at the beginning of

the Autumn Term

  1. To build governor capability and effectiveness;
  2. To improve the quality of monitoring;
  3. Governors to raise awareness of data sources and the implications the data has to the children’s outcomes; and
  4. Working collaboratively with partners.

Review of value for money

As accounting officer the Headteacher has responsibility for ensuring that the academy

trust delivers good value in the use of public resources. The accounting officer

understands that value for money refers to the educational and wider societal outcomes achieved in return for the taxpayer resources received.