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Hello from the Teachers at The Oaktree School

This is "Hello from the Teachers at The Oaktree School" by The Oaktree School


Please find below home learning plans for each of our School years. We will also be posting on our facebook page and in the Daily Dashboard below signposts linked to the learning that has been planned for each year group.


We continue to follow the same format as previously as we want to cover as many learning challenges as possible so that parents and children are able to support the needs of their children in a variety of different subjects. We are aware that families have different challenges so we did not want to state any expectations of what is required as we do not want to put any further pressure on families at this time. However, we would like you to encourage your child to complete the following everyday:


  • practise their phonics and spellings,
  • undertake some form of daily reading,
  • attempt a maths challenge either practical or paper based,
  • encourage your child to write in any way that they would like,
  • enjoy a form of physical activity outside.


As a guide we feel that learning should take between 1 – 2 hours of the day and all learning contributions will be counted toward the Alien Challenge award.


Please remember that our teachers can be contacted at the email below. They are available to answer any questions or if you require any further support or guidance.


Nursery -

Reception -

Year 1 -

Year 2 -


Please also remember to email a photo of your completed Alien Reward Chart to receive your certificate!

Keeping us all safe
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Spelling Streets
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