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The Oaktree School

Inspiring Everyone to Learn

Our School

Our Vision

At the Oaktree School we have a culture of working with parents and the local community to ensure that our children receive the highest standard of education and make excellent progress. We are striving to provide a holistic education in which children are prepared for their roles as citizens and life long learners.

Our Mission Statement

      To provide all children in the community with a quality education, supporting families in preparing their child for success in our ever changing world. Our nurturing safe environment and stimulating curriculum harness each child’s unique skills through a range of opportunities whilst embedding a love to learn. 

The Oaktree Way – Our Aims

‘To care for everyone and everything’

We follow the Oaktree Way through:

  • ensuring a smooth transition from home to school and from year to year;
  • developing strong home, school and community partnerships;
  • ensuring all children develop towards their full potential spiritually,  physically, emotionally and intellectually by offering a creative curriculum that is broad and balanced;
  • encouraging independence and creativity by providing a secure, happy, stimulating learning environment;
  • fostering positive values such as co-operation, friendship, self-discipline, good manners and self belief;
  • developing an independent thirst for life long learning;
  • preparing children for their role as future citizens in a global community by teaching them to care for themselves and the environment.