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The Oaktree School

Inspire, Learn, Achieve


At The Oaktree School, Science is sequenced to develop children’s substantive and declarative knowledge, as well as make meaningful links across the curriculum allowing children to embed their knowledge in new and often real-life contexts.

In Year 1, children start the autumn term with 'Everyday Materials', linking this learning to their Design and Technology project 'Puppets'. When learning about 'Humans', they learn about parts of the human body and those associated with the senses. In the Spring, 'Seasonal Changes' are observed and linked to weather, living things and day length. They revisit some of this learning in the Summer term when learning about 'Plants', linking back to their knowledge about body parts and senses and identifying commonalities when learning about 'Animals'.

In Year 2, children begin the Autumn term learning the survival needs of humans, before expanding to study animals within their habitats. Building on learning from Year 1, children learn about the uses of materials and begin to understand changes of materials through simple physical manipulation, such as bending and twisting. During the Spring, Year 2 learn further about Plants, with children observing what plants need to grow and stay healthy. Finally, in the Summer term they return to learn deeper about Animals, thinking about what animals need to survive.