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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Report 2017-18


The school aim is for all children to achieve their potential and eliminate all barriers to learning. In order to do this, we ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all the children, and that appropriate provision is made for those who belong to vulnerable groups, including those who are socially disadvantaged.


We recognise that not all children who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged and that not all children who are socially disadvantaged will meet the Pupil Premium criteria.


At the Oaktree School we are committed to helping every child and their family achieve their very best. Through creating a deep and complex, well-resourced and vibrant, high quality learning environment, and through valuing ‘Parents as Partners’, we continually strive to actively promote the progress and attainment of all our pupils, regardless of need. We work hard to encourage agencies to work together and to be as ‘joined up as possible’ to support this ethos. This commitment is summarised in more detail within our Single Equality Plan.


We have a small number of children eligible for Pupil Premium. Our families tend to only meet the criteria because there has been a traumatic change in their lives such as a death in the family or a family break up. These families need a lot of support to enable the children to access learning and make progress.


The Pupil Premium Grant

  1. proportion of pupils supported by the pupil premium at The Oaktree School is below the national average. All pupils in this group meet the criteria for Pupil Premium and some are looked after children.

The Oaktree School received a total of £29,040.


We are committed to a fully inclusive provision in which all vulnerable groups are supported to thrive, Governors have allocated further school funds to fulfil its ambitions for these children to provide a fully inclusive ‘outstanding’ provision.


Overarching Principles Pupil Premium Expenditure

  • A personalised provision where we help every child and their family, regardless of ability, to do their best.
  • High quality learning.
  • A responsive inclusion provision, which is extensive and comprehensive and offers high quality learning.
  • Skilful family support.
  • Careful and robust Child Protection.
  • Good customer service and a nurturing ethos which supports families.
  • A culture which values "Parents as Partners" on the learning journey.
  • Responsive leaders, having a high impact on learning and standards, working within a ‘hands on’ and ‘can do’ culture.
  • High profile activities which engage parents and the community.


School Initiatives to Achieve this Vision

  • High ratios of Teaching assistants
  • High quality learning in class and support groups.
  • Leadership Courses.
  • Regular non-contact time for teachers and leaders.
  • Parent coaching, Support Group and drop in sessions.
  • An Inclusive Model.
  • Accessible office staff.
  • Subsidised School Visits.
  • Lunch Club for children with sensory needs
  • Enhanced Speech and Language support.
  • Nurturing sessions such as self Esteem sessions such as ELSA, 1:1 nurturing, Social and Emotional groups and Feelings Art Book.
  • Curriculum enhancement such as providing funding for children to access outside clubs.
  • 1:1 reading support programme.

Funding is allocated following regular analysis of pupil progress. Targeted provision is given to those in need of additional support, aimed at accelerating progress and narrowing the gap for socially disadvantaged pupils. This may include small group work, 1:1 support or additional teaching and learning opportunities.


Pupil Premium Funding - September 2017-August 2018

Money Paid in

In-school provision

Money Paid out


Part-time speech and language Assistant



Part-time Parent and Child Support



In-school interventions Year 2 bespoke



In-school interventions Year 1 bespoke



Year R Interventions Nursery Nurse



Outside Clubs provision






Free School Meal Payments


Total: £29.040




Further Details of Above initiatives:

  • Our dedicated team of support staff work across the school to ensure access to the curriculum by the provision of various interventions to ensure all children make at least expected progress. 
  • We employ a nursery nurse to provide interventions across our Reception unit so that interventions can be targeted to meet individual needs quickly.
  • We have a team of skilled, energetic and vibrant teachers and support staff; and they work very hard to ensure that learning within our school remains outstanding. Teachers receive personalised training, to ensure they remain reflective practitioners. Similarly, we accelerate the maturity and capacity of our leaders through attendance at local and national leadership courses and bespoke coaching/supervision to ensure that Leadership remains outstanding. This helps to ensure that learning is maximised and that school initiatives and systems continue to make an impact and offer ‘outstanding value for money’. Our team work carefully with families to nurture relationships and offer very specialist care. This expertise extends to providing close links within our local community, ensuring that various agencies continue to work in a ‘joined up manner’ to follow up this support.
  • We believe that good customer service is important and therefore build bridges with families to provide a nurturing atmosphere. Accordingly, our school office for example has a comparatively high ratio of staff, who are well trained and pro-active in offering good service and adopt a solution-focused approach to their duties.



In 2017-18 our Pupil Premium children achieved well against their targets.  We tracked every child within the school as individuals.  For each child we undertook a termly needs analysis and put in place suitable interventions to ensure that the children made good progress against their individual targets whether they are academic or social and emotional.  Teachers tracked their children throughout the term and members of the SLT were overseeing progress using our electronic tracking system, drop in, work scrutiny and pupil discussions. Teachers meet with the Inclusion Leader each term to ensure that interventions are well planned and effective and meeting the needs of the children.  Our pupil premium children often have complex needs and we ensure that we are addressing their academic, social and physical needs.   The children who did not achieve expected progress had additional needs which were being addressed. The children made excellent progress in the social development during their time in the school and were confident when moving onto KS2.


PP children




2017 - 8 children

2018 – 6 children

‘Working at’ KS1 end of year expectations or above

% Meeting ‘expected’ progress at the end of KS1

% exceeding ‘expected’ progress KS1






























2017 – 2018 Evaluation of Actions

  • Teachers continued to meet with the parents of all PP children to agree a plan of action to meet their child’s needs.
  • The teachers met with the Inclusion Leader to ensure that intervention provision is meeting the needs of identified children.
  • A tailored programme was developed for each child.
  • We tracked children’s progress half termly to ensure that progress was good or better against their targets.


2017 – 2018 Actions

  • CPD for staff to support identification and removal of barriers of learning and specific closing the gap targets
  • Teachers to continue to meet with the parents of all PP children to agree a plan of action to meet their child’s needs.
  • The teachers to meet with the Inclusion Leader to ensure that intervention provision is meeting the needs of identified children.
  • A tailored programme for each child.
  • Track children’s progress half termly to ensure that progress is good or better.
  • Teachers to write own evaluation and case studies each term.
  • Continue with In-School provision and bespoke programmes.