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The Reception year is one of the most important in your child's school journey. It is in the Reception year that the foundations are laid for life long learning. The skills taught in Reception are like the foundations for a house, we need to make them nice and strong.Through our exciting and engaging curriculum we aim to put teach children how to become resourceful, inquisitive, collaborative, communicative learners, who always 'give it a go' and never give up. 



One of our key aims is to make the transition into school life as smooth as possible for all children and to give them the best possible start to their school life and we enjoy working closely with parents we develop each child’s personal, social and emotional well-being and grow their independence.


The curriculum for Reception comprises of seven areas; three prime areas of learning and four specific areas. Careful planning ensures that all seven areas are effectively addressed in a range of engaging and interactive ways. All seven areas of learning are closely linked and interweave into one another and many of the activities that take place incorporate more than one area of learning.



Green Go learning and Red Stop learning 


At Green go times children are encouraged to initiate their own lines of inquiry, with adults dipping in to their self chosen activities in order to work towards their individual next steps for development. Red stop learning is preplanned and children are skillfully guided and instructed in their development of skills which enable them to learn confidently.

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Our Learning Spaces

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How can you help with the assessment and evidence for your child's learning journey?


At the Oaktree School we have developed a system where you can be involved in the process. Children can behave very differently from setting to setting and therefore your contribution towards building up your child's profile is crucial. Your contribution can be added through our "Home Learning Animals"

These are small slips of paper that are filled in by you at home. These can cover things like: my child can wash by themselves, lay the table correctly, get themselves dressed and help with the cooking. Once you have recorded your child's achievement you can spend time together decorating them. Attached below are the templates for each of the classes.


These are then kept and read out in our celebration assembly and then displayed in your child's classroom before being added to their learning journey.

Home Learning Animal Cards

We cover a range of fun cross curricular topics throughout the year in Reception. We base our learning each week on a story that relates to the theme. At the Oaktree School we believe pupil voice is fundamental in engaging children in their learning. At the end of each week we read to the children the story for the following week. At this time the children discuss ideas for their learning and what provision may be required to support this. These ideas are then interwoven into our Green stop learning and our Red stop learning. All themes are challengeable depending upon interests of the children.