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Special Educational Needs and Disability

Here at The Oaktree School, we believe that every child is special and that all individual needs should be met. To ensure this, we track every child's accomplishments carefully and provide appropriate intervention and support to ensure that all of our children continue to achieve their next steps. Miss Harrison is the school SENCo and leads our team to ensure that every child's needs are met. Below you will find information about our SEND provision.  


The SEND Code of Practice 2015 states the vision for children with special educational needs and disabilities should be the same as for all children and young people – that they achieve well in their early years, at school and in college, and lead happy and fulfilled lives.


At The Oaktree School this is a vision we share and it is embedded into our school ethos and values. The care, nurturing and teaching that all staff give to our pupil's with additional or special needs reflects the good practise advised in The SEND Code of Practice 2015.



The Oaktree School has a SEND Policy, in conjunction with The Hermitage School which comply with The SEND Code of Practice 2015, as well as the advice provided by Surrey County Council and the Surrey Local Offer. The writing of this policy has included consultation with governors, the head teacher, the SENCo and teachers.


In line with The SEND Code of Practice 2015, the SEND 2020 reform has an aim to ensure children and young people will be happy, healthy, safe and confident in their future.


The SEND Partnership Board has launched a major change programme to improve special educational needs and disability (SEND) services in Surrey. The board consists of representatives from health services, education, parents and the local authority.


The SEND 2020 programme has four key objectives, to:

- Transform the customer experience

- Rebuild the system around the customer

- Reshape the SEND local offer

- Develop inclusive practice.

At The Oaktree School, we deliver inclusive teaching and learning, as well as personalised interventions to support pupils individually.

This inclusive learning and teaching takes place in all classrooms across the school, as well as in Badger Room.  Please click on the link below to find out a bit more about Badger Room.



If you have any questions or require any further information on SEND at The Oaktree School, please contact the main school office via phone or email and ask to speak to the SENCo or a member of the SEND Team.


Below are some useful links which provide further reading and information around SEND in Surrey.