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The Nursery Class at The Oaktree School

The Oaktree School are excited to be opening a Teacher led Nursery Class in January 2020.


Unfortunately due to the current situation with Covid-19 we are unable to host any Stay and Play sessions. When we are able to accept visitors on site we will organise some Stay and Play sessions and thy will be advertised here:


The deadline for applications for a January 2021 start is Noon on Wednesday 14th October 2020.

To apply please download and complete the application form and either return electronically to or return to the school office at The Oaktree School.


Through the Nursery Class the School will start even earlier to work with parents and the local community to ensure that our children receive the highest standard of early education and begin to build solid foundations in learning before they start their Reception year. The Nursery Class will provide a holistic education in which children will be able to start their journey even earlier to prepare them in their roles as citizens and lifelong learners.


The Oaktree School Nursery Class offers places to 2, 3 and 4 year olds and accepts a range of funding options including FEET (15 free hours for 2 year olds), Universal funding (15 free hours for 3 & 4 year olds) and Extended funding (30 free hours for 3 & 4 year olds).


The Oaktree Nursery Class offers the following sessions:




Total number of hours


Monday (8.40 – 2.40), Tuesday (8.40 – 2.40), Wednesday morning (8.40 – 11.40)

15 Hours


Monday (8.40 – 3.10), Tuesday (8.40 – 3.10), Wednesday morning (8.40 – 11.40)

16 Hours (an additional charge of £3 per day will be invoiced for the additional 30 mins on a Monday and a Tuesday)


Wednesday afternoon (12.10 – 3.10), Thursday (8.40 – 2.40), Friday (8.40 – 2.40)

15 Hours


Wednesday afternoon (12.10 – 3.10), Thursday (8.40 – 3.10), Friday (8.40 – 3.10)

16 Hours (an additional charge of £3 per day will be invoiced for the additional 30 mins on a Thursday and a Friday)


Monday – Friday (8.40 – 2.40)

30 hours


Monday – Friday (8.40 – 3.10)

32.5 hours (an additional charge of £3 per day will be invoiced for the additional 30 mins on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday)


If you are interested please complete an application form and return to The Oaktree School office or email to

Funding for Nursery Places

Funding is available for some 2 year olds - this is known as FEET funding. Parents can find information and apply on line via a parent portal.  Funding is for three terms from the term after a child is two.


All children are entitled to 15 hours funded early education from the term after they turn three.

Some children will be eligible for 30 hours. Parents should apply via the government website to obtain their 11 digit eligibility code:

Nursery Application Form