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Vision and Values

Our Values

At the Oaktree School we have a culture of working with parents and the local community to ensure that our children receive the highest standard of education and make excellent progress. We are striving to provide a holistic education in which children are prepared for their roles as citizens and life long learners.

Our Mission Statement

‘Learning Together to Achieve Excellence’ 


With the philosophy of complementing educational excellence with a diverse and wide range of learning experiences, we ensure that the children are completely involved in their learning and enjoy everything that the school has to offer.


The school is recognised for its achievements receiving: 
• The Healthy Schools Award
• The Eco Green Award 5th time
• Active Mark
• Basic Skills Award 15 years
• International Award
• Fairtrade

The Oaktree Way

‘To care for everyone and everything’


We follow the Oaktree Way through:
• Ensuring a smooth transition from home to school and
   from year to year;
• developing strong home, school and community
• ensuring all children develop towards their full potential spiritually,
   physically, emotionally and intellectually by offering a
   creative curriculum that is broad and balanced;
• encouraging independence and creativity by providing a
   secure, happy, stimulating learning environment;
• fostering positive values such as co-operation, friendship,
   self-discipline, good manners and self belief; 
• developing an independent thirst for life long learning;
• preparing children for their role as future citizens in a global
  community by teaching them to care for themselves and
  the environment.